Geography of the shots

“Every Saturday and Sunday of his life is devoted to photography, during the other days of the week just the night can be devoted to press, because of his work commitments as a printer during daytime. He retraces the same points, meaning that he always makes the same movements on a rather limited land: the centre-north of the Marche region, about fifty square kilometres. His movements follow two directions: one is from the Adriatic coast to the hinterland (from Senigallia to Arcevia, taking advantage of the various branches of this route), the other runs along the Adriatic coast from Falconara to Torrette di Fano.

The photograph guides him in precise locations, and Giacomelli himself admits that with the “pretext” to go photographing he felt he had the opportunity to be grasped in the landscape, within his territory, and to have access, through this geographical path, metaphor of an existential journey, even to himself. The artist photographed the same place even after many years, giving variations on the theme of the same place. An example can be found on his attention for the three farmhouses atop a cultivated hill (from the series Metamorphosis of the Earth and Memoirs of a Reality), which the artist depicts in different seasons, in the changings of light, in the passing of the years and in different photographic cuts.

(Material collected by an interview with Paolo Mengucci by Katiuscia Biondi in 2006, published in Mario Giacomelli. Under the Skin of the Real, Ed. 24 Ore Cultura, 2011)