The Mario Giacomelli Archive | © Rita Giacomelli

Heir Rita Giacomelli
60046 Sassoferrato (AN) – Italy
Director Katiuscia Biondi

The Mario Giacomelli Archives in Sassoferrato and Senigallia preserve the complete works of Mario Giacomelli, photographs that the artist took, developed and printed during his lifetime, from 1953 to 2000. The series are kept entirely according to the order established by the artist.
The entire photographic corpus has been inventoried in 2000/2001 by Giacomelli’s heirs.
The Archives also store all the documents (epistolary, the artist manuscripts on photography, conference brochures he participated in, newspaper reviews, etc.), books and art and photography magazines, poetry books, brochures and exhibition catalogues, as well as the artist’s pictorial work (1970’s) and his art collection.
The Mario Giacomelli Archives in Sassoferrato and Senigallia were established in 2003.
Since 2007, Giacomelli’s heirs have been the directors of the photographic patrimony.

The Mario Giacomelli Archive | © Rita Giacomelli holds the photographic series listed below (including printing variations, the relative test films and the photonegatives). As it can be seen, a remarkable number of them belongs to the period of artistic maturity, several of which are new.
The analysis of the last 20 years of Giacomelli’s production led to a capillar reconstruction of the coherence and expressive strenght of the artist in the entire photographic corpus, till the reconstruction of his creative method and artistic evolution, experimental till the end.
Since the unreleased series have never been exposed, they have never been requested by institutions for exhibitions or by the market, therefore Giacomelli printed those photos in limited editions (or even in single copy), and this helped to amplify their value today.

In view of conservation and appreciation of Mario Giacomelli, the Archive Mario Giacomelli | © Rita Giacomelli is actively involved in the organization of exhibitions hosted by major public and private institutions, both in Italy and abroad. It also handles authentication and archiving of all the artist’s works. The expertise sessions take place three times a year, with the task of authenticating and store the works.

Photograph series in the Mario Giacomelli Archive | © Rita Giacomelli:

Landscapes since 1954 (1950s)
Portraits (early works from 1954, 1950s)
Nudes (nude of woman 1954, self-portraits of the 90s)
Still life (1954)
Memories of a reality (Landscapes, 1956/68)
Puglia (1958; 1982)
A man, a woman, a love (1960/61)
Death will come and will have your eyes (1964/68, with photos from ’54 to 83)
Motif suggested by the tree cut (1967/68)
Caroline Branson from Spoon River (1968/73)
Youth (60s)
Stories of earth (or The land that dies) (Landscapes, 1956/80)
Metamorphosis of the earth (Landscapes, 1955 / 80s)
Aerial Landscapes (on Bilbao, 1975)
Consciousness on nature (Landscapes, 1976 / 90s)
My Marche (70s / 80s)
Hospice (1981/83)
Tale toward possible interior meanings (1983/84)
The song of the new emigrants (1984/85)
Stories of the sea (1984/90)
For poems (“tank series”: it is the set of all the photos that Giacomelli produced from the ’70s to 2000, which did not have a precise location, left by the artist waiting for an insertion in a series).
Infinity (1986/88)
A Silvia (1987/88, with photos from the 60s / 88s)
Happiness reached walking (1986/92)
Past (1986/90)
Franco’s aunt (Hospice, series composed in 1993/94 with photos from 1981/83)
And I saw you girl (Hospice, series composed in 1993/94 with photos of 1981/83)
Poetry in search of an author (1992/94)
The night washes the mind (1994/95)
Abstract (90s)
Self-portraits (90s)
I asked you about verses (90s)
Cremonini (unpublished autobiographical and intimate series, 90s)
December 31 (1997)
Bando (1997/99)
Moon (1998)
As well as death (1999)
Self-portraits at the hospital (2000)
The Sunday before (2000)
I would like to tell this memory (2000)

The policy of the Archives is to offer a philological frame of Giacomelli’s production within his working framework, to offer a complete vision about a great world-renowned artist, about whom many important aspects are still unknown. By creating this website our intention is to promote a knowledge of Giacomelli’s personality, his method of working, his context, while also presenting photographic series and inedited documents.
Giacomelli took photos and worked at their printing every spare moment he had, since his beginning in the 50’s till his death in 2000, considering his art a way of living. Hence, for a so vast and complex production, only today it has been possible to order this literature in a philological manner and to present it to the public as its best.

The decoding of the artist’s working method allowed to highlight the structure behind the entire production, such a coherent system to make Giacomelli’s style unmistakable. There is a precise code, exposed by Katiuscia Biondi in her book, Mario Giacomelli. Under the skin of the real (24 Ore Cultura, 2011), which makes a continuum of Giacomelli’s photography, wherein each element, photograph, gesture of the artist himself, participates in creating a final, total, original meaning.

In this website we offer a little selection of the thousands of documents stored in the Archives Mario Giacomelli, which can contribute to understanding the cultural context in which Giacomelli worked: his reflections on photography; books read and underlined by the artist; the parallelism that can be grasped in the informality of his photographic and pictorial productions (in the 70s Giacomelli created about 400 pictorial works, some of them are presented here); a selection of the artist’s poems; the correspondence with other artists at the beginning of his career, which testify to the vision of Photography in the 50s-60s, and starting point in recreating the network of contacts among the photographers and critics of that time.
We also consider the presence of a complete bibliography important.

Katiuscia Biondi
Director Archivio Mario Giacomelli © Rita Giacomelli