Bando (1997/99)

Series of abstract works of highly evocative and dynamic ability, a series of archaic signs, a series of refusal of a society whose laws are made for the economy rather than for people. Giacomelli here interprets Sergio Corrazzini’s poetry, “a poet he read when he was young. In the 50s Giacomelli always carried a book of this poet in his camera bag”, as Simone Giacomelli tells us in Mario Giacomelli. The black figure waits for the white, (Ed. Contrasto 2009).

“In creating his photographs, especially in his mature works, the image construction process before shooting is a very long process, requiring hours of preparation, of continuous and minimal adjustments of the position in the space of the material to be included in the photograph, so that each element in the scene was in harmony with the whole and corresponded to the geometric-symbolic idea of balance of whites and blacks and shapes. To the objects found at the place (contorted irons of demolished construction, waste material, the remains of a destruction) he adds some objects he always has in the boot of his car (white sheets, a male face mask, faux animals (dogs and birds), blacks plastic bags, etc…), and constructs the scene. In this long moment, the photographer is in tension, holding his breath behind his camera waiting to shoot, and thus finding himself”. (Katiuscia Biondi in Mario Giacomelli. Under the skin of the real, Ed. 24 Ore Cultura 2011).