Poems in search of an author (90s)

(Most of which remained unpublished). “The photographic production of Giacomelli is continuously changing, a set of intercommunicating parts, a living system: each series realized does not represent a closed chapter at all because the photographer repeatedly decomposes and redefines his photographic series, resuming certain images, and words of an old discourse, to revitalized them in a new one, as if ‘to give breath to things thanks to this pretext called photography’. After all the wish of revising the series is emphasized by the existence of the Poems in search of an author, a ‘tank-series’, a group of all the pictures Giacomelli took over the years, which have not found a collocation in a specific series, but that have been left waiting to be included in a future series”. (Katiuscia Biondi in Mario Giacomelli. Under the skin of the real, Ed. 24 Ore Cultura 2011).