The Sunday before (1999/2000)

Photographs taken on the Sunday before Giacomelli was hospitalized and in which a perception of the end is revealed. The consistency in the spirit of this great artist can be found even at this point: he closes his photographic journey in the same place where it all began: the beach.
Life is cyclical and everything returns. And Giacomelli has always staged the eternal return, the perception of having to block what would otherwise, without photography, fall into nothingness and disintegration. Photography as the only way to feel connected to the Whole, to “fit back” in the womb, to overcome the Lack, to erase the distance between past and present, to exorcise death.
Now, before he dies, like at the beginning, he finds himself photographing the Adriatic beach (Marina di Montemarciano, a few km south of Senigallia). While in his first photo appears what remains of a shoe landed from the sea, now the scenario is of an already past, an already experienced, in the moment when everything die out: the palms and the plants of the beach are covered with nylon sheets for the coming of winter, the swimmers are gone, everything is deserted. The only living thing that seems to appear in the picture is actually also inanimate: the fake dog that Giacomelli used in the last period of the 90s along with fake birds and other inanimate elements that make the photographic subject a pure symbol, in an itinerary (Giacomelli’s one) of essentialization of the real and approaching to abstraction.

Series remained unpublished until the publication of the book Mario Giacomelli. Under the Skin of the Real curated by Katiuscia Biondi (ed. 24 Ore Cultura, 2011).